Farnham offers a wide range of accommodation options. You are sure to find a suitable place in the area, whether you are visiting for a day or even a month. There are accommodation places that suit all types of budgets. Here are some of the accommodation choices available for visitors.

Apartment Accommodation

This is a great way to stay while visiting Farnham. This accommodation is available in the town as well as near the Secret Beach. Apartments normally have facilities on offer. Some of these include spas, multiple bedrooms and swimming pools. People visiting the town are advised to make their bookings early as they could miss out on those great apartments.

Backpackers and Low Budgets

This method of accommodation offers its guests a cheap way of travelling. Backpacking is a safe and affordable accommodation option. These types of accommodation have all kinds of rooms. Guests are given an option to choose to either sleep in a dorm room or a private room where they will be required to share bathrooms.

Bed and Breakfast

This is the most popular accommodation option in most destinations, Farnham included. This type of accommodation enables guests to feel at home. Guests in these establishments are given excellent service by the hosts. All bed and breakfast accommodations provide quality services, whether they are located in town or near the beach.

Farm Stays

Farms are quiet and peaceful as they are located in rural areas. They are great for people who enjoy the tranquil atmosphere or who want to explore the farms.

Rental Homes

There are some rental homes in Farnham which are available on long and short-term arrangements. People visiting Farnham can rent a property for the period they will be in town.


This is a popular choice among tourists. These are great places to stay when you are not close to your home.